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Direct Impression is a leader in developing performance advertising solutions and services dedicated towards leveraging the power of intelligent online marketing as a medium for connecting our clients with their customers. From navigating today's complex delivery environment to audience analytics, Direct Impression is your one-stop provider with the ability to harness and leverage online actionable intelligence to create highly effective marketing strategies while increasing the profitability of their online marketing initiatives.

Actionable Metrics, Powered by Email

Whether you're developing apps for the web or mobile environments, you need an effective way to communicate with your customers. Email remains the most powerful form of customer communication. Whether you're sending transactional or marketing email, our solution is built upon one of the world’s largest email delivery infrastructures, providing you with the industry’s best reliability, scalability, and email deliverability. Easily integrate with our cloud-based email infrastructure, eliminating the need to build, scale and maintain these systems in-house, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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Direct Impression has an innovative approach to engaging audiences and influencing prospective consumers. Our delivery model makes careful observations of individual recipients' behavior, delivering the content they want rather than making generalized assumptions about their interests, while serving them up impression-based opportunities.

Spheres of Influence.

Direct Impression’s “Spheres of Influence” are an innovative approach to engaging audiences and influencing prospective consumers. Our delivery model makes careful observations of individual recipients' behavior, delivering the content they want rather than making generalized assumptions about their interests, while serving them up impression-based opportunities. Traditional data collection and analytics align these tactics into one of three typical marketing goals:

Content Remarketing Encourage first-time
and repeat purchases
Increase customer retention

Visitors to your website are served customized messages designed to bring them back to your site to upsell, cross-sell or complete a purchase. Site remarketing has been shown to significantly improve campaign performance by over run-of-network targeting.

We provide all major targeting modalities; behavioral, contextual and demographic. One of the capabilities that differentiates Direct Impression from other "next generation" demand networks is our ability to effectively combine behavioral with demographic and contextual targeting within a single campaign.

Segment your list by responders and non-responders; segment frequent visitors from those whose frequency is declining; target appropriate content and updates to each group to encourage the behavior you want.

Mapping the “Sphere of Influence” of your customers’ touch-points converts these event driven behaviors into immediate business opportunities by evaluating each campaign's performance against 18 criteria and adjusts ad serving decisions on the fly through user-generated or on-demand content.

Digital Body Language.

Our lead life-cycle management platform reads the “Digital Body Language” of each consumer delivering a powerful blend of e-marketing targeting and optimization. Monitoring customer activity, behavior and interest with prospect tracking is the keystone to effective demand generation...

  • Understand where prospects are in their buying cycle.
  • Engage in more relevant and consultative sales discussions.

By understanding which specific events trigger desired customer behavior - be it a visitor's Google search, clickstream, downloads, number of visits, time spent on pages or other relevant indicators - Direct Impression can segment these visitors and treat each in a personalized fashion. That treatment can be immediate - by engaging them in a pro-active chat or immediate exploratory call, or it can be measured - by, for example, placing 'warm' prospects into automated cultivation programs designed to peak their interest over time.

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The key to every successful online campaign lies in the speed with which a company can define who its customers are, understand its customers' preferences, and deliver on those preferences while always respecting customer privacy. Key features include:

Deliverability: Our solution continuously analyzes message disposition data and creates intelligent sending rules on your behalf, so you’ll experience fewer bounces, blocks and delays.

Integration: Comprehensive APIs and prebuilt SDK libraries get you integrated and running quickly with your web or mobile app.

Adaptive Email Network: Unsurpassed transactional email service deliverability leveraging the adaptive Email Network.

Scalability: Pricing and package flexibility to scale as needed, on demand. Allowing you the ability to easily integrate and scale, reducing the complexity of your SMTP infrastructure, and removing the cost of maintaining your own infrastructure.

Analytics: We use sophisticated tools to zero in on potential problems before they affect your deliverability. We use these insights to provide ongoing recommendations to increase your performance.

Smart Auto-Response: Stay on-brand and on-message with personalized, automated management and dynamic population of email templates.

Email authentication: Industry-standard authentication and opportunistic email TLS encryption.

Demand Generated Content Ecosystems. Virtually every action a consumer makes online triggers some sort of measurable response generated to fulfill the needs of a particular campaign. Registrations, purchases or other offer responses provide companies with the opportunity to increase sales and brand awareness for their products and/or services at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising efforts.

Defining measurable results through

compelling user experiences

Create relevance

Strong Companies have Strong Brands. Today, getting your message delivered to an inbox doesn’t always guarantee results. You also need to ensure that you deliver content that captures the attention and interest of its owner. Our Creative Services team is dedicated to designing compelling email content that will deliver results. Our full-service creative team will optimize your content and visuals for maximum consumer engagement. As a result, our in-house creative consistently outperforms client-supplied creatives, exceeding clients' goals for response rates, conversions, and long-term customer value. Team services include:

Performance-Driven Design and Deployment Campaign Management Plans Creation, Optimization and Testing of Email Creative/ Landing Page Content Campaign Quality Control, Monitoring and Analysis

Experience for yourself how the power of suggestion, as delivered by truly compelling creative, can greatly increase response rates of your online marketing initiatives.

An integrated approach to performance-based online advertising.

$17 Billion dollars were spend on online ads in 2018

Trusted communications

The reputation equation. Deliverability is the most common challenge among email senders, since reputation is the number one reason reported by receiving email clients for not accepting email. Our privacy / ISP relations team advocates for our clients proactively and reactively as laws, regulations and technologies that impact this medium change. We recognize the value of empowering our clients with information regarding these developments and associated potential deliverability impacts that drive spam complaints and damage a sender's reputation scores.

Common problem spots include how members are opted-in to receive messaging, frequency of mailings, list hygiene, and HTML creative. This can be determined using one or more of the following tactics:

  • Deliverability reputation assistance.
  • Review authentication records for accuracy.
  • Review campaign metrics for abusive elements or trends.
  • Identify sender practices that lead to spam complaints.
  • Feedback loop management for compliance rating systems.
  • RBL and URI blocklist monitoring, spam advisory boards with automatic traffic redirection.
  • Real-time VMTA reputation assessments and compliance ratings.

With a host of deployment methodologies, our comprehensive delivery approach, deliverability assurance elements and creative optimization techniques embedded within every transmission are designed to ensure delivery. As such, Direct Impression’s entire delivery assurance philosophy is premised on the proper balance of innovative technology and industry relationship management.


Our business is built on positive relationships with our customers, partners, and employees and within the communities where we live and work. We are committed to keeping those relationships strong by communicating openly about our business practices and being transparent about our performance, while remaining accountable. Please feel free to contact us to request additional information or to answer any questions you may have regarding the evaluation of our marketing services. Let the depth of our experience speak for itself!